Welcome to Kriegsspiel

Welcome to our website dedicated to Kriegsspiel, the original nineteenth century military training system devised by Georg von Reisswitz and adopted by the Prussian Army.  We also feature other wargames based on its principles including Free Kriegsspiels and umpire moderated map games with or without formal rules.

After many years as Kriegsspiel News the website has been refreshed to allow easy access to articles provided by  current and former members of the group whose knowledge and contributions need to be recognised.    Contributions to the site are welcome and encouraged as are links to other Kriegsspiel themed sites and activities.  You can contact us on the link above.

The site is run by group of UK based Kriegsspielers, who meet a number of times a year at Little Gaddesdon, Hertfordshire, UK.

You can see our game schedule in the events section.

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