Kriegsspiel history.

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Articles on the origins and history of the original Kriegsspiel and its successors.  Read more..

How to play Kriegsspiel.

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A series of articles on setting up and running a Kriegsspiel.  Applicable to both the original rules and any other Kriegsspiel style game.  Read more..

Scenarios and game reports.

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Ideas for games together with comprehensive accounts of how they played.  Read more..

Historical research

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A series of articles containing research and source material invaluable to the design of games.  Read more..

Back issues of Kriegsspiel News

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The group currently meeting at Little Gaddesdon have been playing Kriegsspiel for many years.  Prior to online discussion forums the group had a lively newsletter, Kriegsspiel News.  This is a treasure trove of information and reports.

Copies of the publication are now available for review here.



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