The foundation to any Kriegsspiel is the map!  This page is intended to provide a single start point.  Please Contact us with links to map sources etc.

How to print a map

Kriegsspiel_1824 map.jpg

David Commerfords short tutorial on getting your downloaded map to print.  Read more.



Tom Mouats mapsymbs.jpg

An excellent site for map symbol fonts and other military related resources.  Link to Mapsymbs site..

American Civil War Maps at the Library of Congress


The US Library of Congress provides access to a plethora of period maps.  Start to navigate the site from here…

Hal Jespersen’s Free Wikipedia ACW Maps

Hal Jasperson logo.jpg

Hal Jespersen offers over 200 free maps and inexpensive custom mapmaking/cartography services,
specializing in battles and campaigns of the American Civil War.  Link to Hals site..


A scalable map of the ACW battlefield.  Link to site..

Capitaine maps 1796


Capitaine produced maps of Belgium in about 1796 based on Ferraris but with updates to the extent of woodland and roads.  These were not to the level of detail as the Ferraris ones.  Link to site..

German Fotothek

This is a source of German digital images including 18th and 19th Century maps.  Link to site..
(For a full discussion of its uses visit Kriegsspiel News forum).
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