Historical research

Campaign statistics for the campaign of 1814.

Napoleon after Laon.jpg
Napoleon and his staff returning from Soissons after the battle of Laon, by Meissonier.  Source.  Wikipedia

‘Statistics like this are indispensable for the accurate design of a wargame campaign, and have an enormous significance for the table-top as well.’   The late Paddy Griffiths reveals some interesting statistics for the campaign of 1814.  Read more here.

Fere Champenoise – withdrawing from contact.

Frere Champenoise.jpg

The late Paddy Griffith discusses the two combats of Fere Champenoise which occured in the 1814 campaign in France. In both cases the heavily outnumbered French infantry, threatened by Allied cavalry and artillery, were forced to retreat under fire.  Read more.

Military rail transport.

Prussian military train.jpg

The late nineteenth century onwards saw rail transport providing crucial support to campaigns.  Guy Farrish provides an assessment of their capabilities, critical for any campaign game.  Read more.

Distances at which troops can be distinguished.


So whats actually visible?  A nineteenth century guide.  Read more.

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