Distances at which troops may be distinguished

Distances at which troops may be distinguished.  A 19th Century artillery officers guide to the distances at which troops may be distinguished.
This table was designed primarily to enable artillery officers to judge distances, but it also serves as a useful aid for us to determine at what range bodies of troops may be identified.
Distance                  What may be distinguished
1,300 yds                 Good eyesight can distinguish infantry from cavalry
1000 yds                  A single individual figure may be seen, but not until…
700 yds                   …can his head be seen as a round ball. At this distance white cross-belts                                  and white trousers may also be seen.
500 yds                   The face may be seen as a light coloured spot, and limbs, uniform and                                    firelocks can be made out.
250 to 200 yds       Details of body and uniform are tolerably clear.

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