How to play Kriegsspiel.

A series of  articles on setting up and running a Kriegsspiel.  Applicable to both the original rules and any other Kriegsspiel style game.

The Basic ideas and principles.

“..I think it is useful to retain the Kriegsspiel description for games which fall into a certain type so that we may know what we are talking about..” Read more..

Equipment for Kriegsspiel.

“..The question of scale is very important to the map game, and it is one of the things which usually marks it out from model soldier games..” Read more..

Scenarios for Kriegsspiel.

“..They used to say of the cowboy films that there were only six basic plots. There are probably not many more basic plots for Kriegsspiel scenarios, but you can ring the changes on them, and they quite often look very different on a different part of the map..”  Read more..

Running a Kriegsspiel.

A two part article on the practicalities of running games.  Read more..

Map and free Kriegsspiel.

“..The system for finding the results of combat in a free kriegsspiel is classically simple..”  Read more..

The Baggage, the baggage…

“The need for sensible deployment of the supply wagons before a battle – and their protection – was crucial, yet we often fail to represent this.. ” Read more..

Napoleonic Army level Kriegsspiel 

“Everything in war is very simple, but even the simplest thing is difficult” Clausewitz.  Discussing how to run an army level kriegsspiel.  Includes resources for staging a game.  read more..

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